Summer Says Hello

by The Bittersweet Way

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released April 15, 2008

Produced by so1omon for Girl In The Doorway productions
All songs written by jedidiahmarkfoster
All songs performed by The Bittersweet Way

This recording is designed to be enjoyed aurally.
The Bittersweet Way waives all responsibility for the use of your other 4 senses.


copyright 2008 Girl In The Doorway productions



Track Name: Summer Says Hello
When summer says hello
Someone always says goodbye
There's no use telling me it's not so
It's just a matter of time

You know, you know
I can tell when you're lying
And we'll never see the end of July
You know, you know
How to get me crying
You know how to say goodbye
Track Name: Cold Hearted And Warm Outside
I don't know what to do
What were you thinking of when you told me you loved me?
Summer's in the air
And it's impossible to care when you're speaking above me

It's Saturday night
Cold hearted and warm outside
I was feeling alright
You killed the moment in record time
Track Name: Peerless
We've got a secret or two
Between me and you
But now I'm battered and bruised
At the news that you're leaving soon
And as I fight through the tears
If I can't say it clearly... then I'll sing it sincerely
I'm peerless without you here

At least we've never been dancing
Down at Hurricane Bay
No wine, no romancing
To amplify my dismay today
Track Name: Maybe Tomorrow
All theses years singing the same sad songs
Too long... it's too long
Screams and whisperings and la la la la la's
Too long... it's too long

But if my words find your ears
Listening to my hopes and fears
Know I love you, but I can't see you tomorrow
I've appearances to keep, and all this weight of history
It just might murder you and me
Maybe tomorrow